Well this is where I shall put some of my songs that I have written. Some of these have music and some don’t. I figured that I should put my songs up here so you can get a taste of my style. I have also added stories on how these songs came about.

Guard Down

Verse 1

A thought runs through my head

A light inside has now gone dead

Your face engraved in my memory

I took in everything you said

My mind is now seeing the color red

Your face engraved in my memory


But I’m moving on

Even though I still hear your song

And I must remain strong

'Cause the past is the past and the future is now

I can’t let my guard down

Verse 2

So many things that I want to say to you

I can’t lie ‘cause I know it’s the truth

Your voice engraved in my memory

This burning fire tears up my heart and soul

I’m caged inside and losing control

Your voice engraved in my memory



Verse 1

Father can you hear me?

I’m looking for you

Mother can you help me?

I’m searching for truth

I’m lost in all the wreckage

Seems like all hope is gone

My nightmare has come to life

I’ll sing a different song


Say that everything is fine

Things will heal within due time

I need an omen I need a sign

There is a reason why I survived

Verse 2

The silence fills my ears

I don’t know where I am

The screeching scream I hear

Drives me back to tears

But I know that there’s a way

I bow down and start to pray

God be my guiding light

Through this dark and painful night


Leave my memory

Make me finally see

People care about my homeland

As a world we all will stand


I Can’t Get Away

Verse 1

What should I do when I’m alone late at night?

Should I sit by my window and watch people walking by?

Kinda strange to think that I could be out on the town

The only thing that holds me back is you’re not around

I was walking down the street one hazy summer day

I could’ve sworn the weather had chased my cares away

Then I turned the corner and see your eyes stare back at me

What good is a break when your mind isn’t free?


I can’t get away

No, I can’t get away from you

I can’t get away

What can I do?

I can’t keep running away from you

Verse 2

I was very sure that I was way over you

Thought that I’d be fine if I had met somebody new

What was I thinking? How could I’ve been so crazy?

Love is the reason why my mind isn’t free

Every time I think of you I tremble where I stand

The feeling is mutual when you take me by the hand

You got me where you want me now I can’t escape

How could this be is this my only fate?


Do You Feel Me Now?

Verse 1:

Sitting in this room

Alone with my thoughts

Trying to sort through this mess that I’ve created

The farther away I move

The closer I should be to you

Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there?


Arrogance got me here

Ignorance got me here


Torn up inside

This monster hides

What can’t be seen

Is the ugly and obscene

Now hold on now

It’s about to get better

Can anyone hear me?

Do you feel me now?

Verse 2:

I walk this town

With the tendency to break

Better stand back

Before it gets rough for you

I’m screaming so loud

My voice is about to fade out

Is there anybody out there?

Is there anybody out there?


So grab my hand and pull me out

Your sweet sounding voice brings me back to life

This monster hides the truth inside

Set it free, set it free, set me free!!


Head Over Heels

Verse 1:

So many things in my head

I don’t know what to do

All these thoughts keep reminding me

Of being with you


So maybe I just need to be alone

And then find my way back home


I think I’m going head over heels

I hope that I can deal with going

Out of my mind

And maybe find myself again

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 2:

So many reasons why I could be insane

But this is how I deal with the pain

I stop and listen to my heart beat

So I feel your presence around me


Fades To Grey

I close my eyes and dream that I am flying into another place, yeah!

Verse 1:

This desert heat is getting to me

Ain’t got no feeling of anything anymore

I hold my head up and look into the sky

I get the feeling that I will live and thrive


I turn away

All the way

And all my pain fades to grey

I look away

And now I find

That all my insecurities fades to grey

Verse 2:

Rain is falling

And I’m taken back to another place and time

And I’m realizing

That nothing will ever change

So I’ll fix it and learn from my mistakes


Now I see

Now I see

Now I see

Anger, Frustration, Sadness


Real Talk (Co-Written by Michael Flagg)

Verse 1:

People walking down the street

Hurt and pain is all I meet

Take it from this sister see

All I can be is just me

Being real and being free

Release your trouble and you’ll gain

Harmony and no more blame, let’s sing.


You and me together, we’ll make it better

You and me together, we’ll make it better

You and me together, we’ll make it better

You and me together, we’ll make it better

Verse 2:

Brother, sister join your hands

I’ll take you to your promised land

Follow this philosophy

And your people shall be free

Mother’s milk and honey-bee

Overflowing like the sea

Land abundant blessed and grand

Happiness my one demand

Chorus 2:

Even in this weather we’ll make it better

Even in this weather we’ll make it better

Bitterness and hate can’t last forever

We will make it better, together, you’ll see

Verse 3:

Why can’t we all just get along?

Listen closely to my song

Hate and violence solves nothing

Keep the promise, let freedom ring

All we really need to do

Ignore the lies and live in truth

The world will flourish for mankind

Open your heart, free your mind


Superficial Breakdown

Verse 1:

You think that you’re so special

With those million dollar jeans

You walk around this town

Like you just became the king

Well I know what you’re about yeah

It’s not that hard to see

So please climb down from your high horse

You’re not even fooling me

Chorus 1:

It’s just a matter of time

Before it all comes around

I want to be a witness

To your superficial breakdown

Verse 2:

No, you’re not the only one, yeah

There are others too

They say that you’re so fake, yeah

They separate away from you

Well I have figured you out, yeah

There is no fooling me

I was blind in the beginning

But now I can see

Chorus 2:

It’s just a matter of time

Before it all comes around

We want to be a witness

To your superficial breakdown

There is no sympathy for you

We’ve all watched it drown

I think that it’s time for

Your superficial breakdown


Save Me

Verse 1

12 am. my mind is racing

Mindful of the problems I’m facing

The end is getting near

But why do I still live in fear?

Eyes are swollen from the tears I’ve shed

I lie awake in this empty bed

Can anyone hear me?

I am calling


I am falling down in the dark

I just want you to save me

I need you to save me from myself

Verse 2

The news was sudden my world came crashing down

And it hurts ‘cause you weren’t around

My strength has vanished

And weakness has taken over

My heart heavy I sift through all this pain

I struggle to stay afloat in this rain

But then you show me 

That my loss is my gain

Chorus x2


And I want you to know that I’m

Thankful for the things you do for me

I want you to know that you have

Reinforced my belief

I want you to know that I

Refuse to give up on my life

I want you to know that I’ll

Stand up strong and win this fight


Book of Revelation

Verse 1

Tell me your secrets

Confide in me

Reveal the truths that were all lies

Sell your soul to the devil

Make amends with the past

Leave no stoned unturned, break away!


In the Book of Revelation

There’s no better way to be

Do away with discretion

Life’s a mystery, be free

Verse 2

Step outside the lines

Share your soul with me

Unveil the liberated self

Walk on with no shame

Reclaim the victory

Annihilate the enemy, bombs away!


Background Behind the Songs


"Guard Down"- Ironically, I wrote this song after getting into a heated argument with a friend. I wrote this when I was a freshman in high school. During the argument my friend kept saying that she had "no regrets" on what she did. Somehow, that hit a nerve with my music side and I kinda just built the song around that. The more I perform and sing it, I realize this song could be about a break up, argument or loss.

"Survived"- The earthquake in Haiti inspired this song. It didn’t take me that long to write this. The images that were being shown on TV of the disaster there was so raw that the lyrics just naturally came to me.

"I Can’t Get Away"- This song was one of those songs where the music came before the lyrics. I was laying on my back playing guitar and the chords just feel into place. Amazed, I hummed a melody to it and then lyrics soon came after. The lyrics tell the story of a person who is on a break/break up with someone and incidentally, runs into them while going about their life. The memories flood back and now the person is torn. There are a few guys that I couldn’t get away from in a good way!

"Do You Feel Me Now?"- This song is a product of my rough freshman year of college, specifically my first semester. It was hard. I felt alone and guilty at the time. The "sweet sounding voice" refers to my friends that kept lifting me up and standing by me during this time. The music for this one was always there, I just didn’t have the lyrics to put to it.

"Head Over Heels"- I have to smile when I think of this song! This was the second song that I had ever written. This was yet another one of those songs that had the music before the lyrics. One of my favorite songs to perform and this was fun to play with my old band Fade To Grey.  At this time, I think I was head over heels over my ex-boyfriend.

"Fades To Grey"- My most prized possession in terms of songs. This is the first song that I have ever written. I really didn’t think it would come out like this either. The story goes like this. I was sitting on the couch at 10:00 p.m. at night watching a movie with my brother. Earlier that day, I was listening to Godsmack’s "Re-Align" and I have always liked the rhythm of the song. I had my songwriting journal with me and started drumming out a snare drum riff on my journal. I really liked what I was drumming. That’s when the story hit me. I imagined a person stranded out in the desert and the desert was a metaphor for his life. The heat is beating down on the person and he/she looks to the sky for hope and encouragement. It then starts to rain and then rain washes away his/her issues to the point where they are fading to grey within the grey, rainy sky.  He sees more clearer in the rain. The story is the backbone for the lyrics and the next day the music came without a hitch. I’m most proud of this song. I don’t know how I managed to get this song to fit with the band name but it did!

"Real Talk"- This song came about when I was hanging with my friend Michael. He is a singer and this song was a product of our jam sessions. He wrote the lyrics while I created the music. This song is very fun to jam to. I would eventually add the third verse to this song.  We were inspired by Jill Scott’s music to write this song. Be yourself, be happy, and peace!

"Superficial Breakdown"- The higher you are, the harder you fall. Essential message of the song. After seeing so many people in college trying to put on airs, I was inspired to write this song.

"Save Me"- This is the most autobiographical of my songs. I wrote this in response to the hard time that I was going through last semester specifically in late November and all of December. In a way, this song resembles my determination to push through despite feeling incredibly down and out at the time.