Craziness, music fans!

A year ago today, I stepped into my last band audition. At this point, I was convinced that I wasn’t good enough to be in a band. I had been told no so many times and as a result, I really started doubting my talent. “You’re a girl and we want to keep all guys in our band.” “You’re black and our drummer likes to make racist jokes.” “You’re not skilled enough.” Hearing that a billion times would make anyone doubt their talent. Before even going to the audition I made a promise to myself that if it didn’t work out, I would hang up playing the guitar for a long while. Taboo, right?! Anyway, I remember as soon as I met the guys, I already felt comfortable. The best part happened before we even started playing. The lead singer had told me that this wasn’t even an audition. They had decided beforehand that I was already in the band. I can’t tell you what a relief that was! As we started jamming, I knew this is where I needed to be. Alter would help me regain my confidence as a musician and a person. Yes, there have been some fights. Yes, there have been creative differences. Yes, there have been member changes. Yes, there have been some not so great shows. Heck, there have even been name changes! But that’s how a band works. To this day, I’m still learning that! All of those experiences have helped me learn about how a band cooperates. 

In that short year, I went from being the lead guitarist in the band with a shot self-confidence to now being the lead guitarist, manager, booking agent, and arranger. Ergo, the leader of Coriander. I keep learning new things every day from being in this band. I thank all members of Alter/Coriander past and present. It’s truly been such a great experience with this band and I will stay the course ‘til the fire goes out.

The rough draft of my band’s song entitled “Immoral Deception.” Yes, it’s all me tracking all the instruments. This time, the makeshift drums are me drumming on the back on my acoustic guitar. I love what I did with the solo! Totally improvised! The problem now is that I have no idea what I played. Figures! And it has no lyrics as of yet.

Coriander in action! It was soo hard to hear anything in this show because Bill’s new guitar speakers were blaring through the rest of the band’s monitors. Nevertheless, I think we did well given the situation. I can’t complain at all about the awesome pictures we got last Sunday, this being one of them!

So this is Coriander! Yes, it’s still in the making since we are missing a bass player. Our show was pretty awesome! This was Kevin’s (guy in the middle) first live show EVER. I could tell he was nervous, but nevertheless, he did a great job for his first show. The crowd was great and we were pretty satisfied with ourselves being it our first show with two new members! 

After a few weeks of bad auditions and no shows, we have decided to make me the singer/lead guitarist of the band. We also decided to change our name since we are headed in a new direction. Alter is now, Coriander. I found the name on a street sign near my house and it just sounded cool! I have to admit that I am a bit nervous for this but it shouldn’t be too hard considering that I have been playing my songs with the band before the exit of our ex lead singer. This just means that all the songs that I have written can be displayed and performed now. Enter the hard rock vibe!

On another note, I am now an intern at this local music magazine called Swink! I get to interview bands and discover new music in the Denver Music Scene that I think is cutting edge/cool. I’m sooo excited!!! They have already put me on their website on their intern section so I am official! Great start to April indeed! :)

My band last night!! One of my favorite pics from last night! I will post up a few more so be prepared!

My band Alter playing one of our originals called “Butterflies & Daisies.” Definitely one of my favorites to perform! I think this was done at the beginning of November. Off to band practice now! :)

Played 0 times.

Practice at the drummer’s house!!

Hahahaha so reminds me of setting up for the concert on Monday!


Practice at the drummer’s house!!

Hahahaha so reminds me of setting up for the concert on Monday!

Hey music fans!!

Last night, my band Alter had our first show with the new lineup! It was a Battle of the Bands competition. It was also my first time performing with an actual band since my freshman year of high school. Crazy, right?!  

So here are the details of last night in list form. I’m too lazy to right it out in story form. :p

-It was snowing on the way to my bass players house. We all decided to meet up there.

-I almost spun out on the way there.

-I arrived there safely.

-Loaded up the cars with the gear.

-Went to the venue. 

-Unloaded the cars.

-Worked out a major snag with the terms of the contract. This part almost caused us to get disqualified. Thank God for my inner music attorney in me.

-An urgent band meeting was held to tell everyone to shake the snag off and to not to let it effect us on stage. This definitely felt like a School of Rock moment combined with a family bonding moment.

-Got set up and did our sound check.

-A local DJ started off the night.

-At 8:50, we took the stage!

-We rocked out! We got to all our songs except for one. Our set was 30 minutes. I was really happy to be able to perform “Superficial Breakdown” for the first time ever! I got a great response from the crowd. I’m sorry, WE got a great response from the crowd and a great turnout despite the snow and a few technical difficulties.
-Watched the band after us called Particle Apparition. Really laid back and chill rock music.

-Packed up and left.

-Woke up this morning to the awesome news that our band won that round of the competition! ON TO THE FINALS!!!

There you have it!! I am so proud of Alter. I am also very grateful for the support we got last night despite the ridiculous weather. I have struck gold joining Alter! I can definitely consider them part of my extended family. I think the best part is receiving great feedback from people. It humbles me and makes me happy that people are enjoying the music. :)

So what am I going to do to celebrate? Relax and watch movies. :P  


Maybe i had already posted this…but i REALLY love this picture :). Cheers~

Hahaha love that the chords are mixed up! :P


Maybe i had already posted this…but i REALLY love this picture :). Cheers~

Hahaha love that the chords are mixed up! :P